1. Tumblr meet up turn down for nothing

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  2. Biking around Charleston, SC with my friend Diego.

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  3. Coney Island // NYC

    Photos by Davy Kesey


  4. Driving to Lynchburg, VA tomorrow to go camping/shooting with tylerphenes, ryancarl, and others. Pumped for it.

  5. Diego // Charleston, SC

    Photographed by Davy Kesey

  6. Exploring Charleston with Diego.

    Photos by Davy Kesey

  7. I haven’t had to swish my hair out of my eyes since middle school. I am earning this man bun.

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  8. "You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do."
    — -Henry Ford (via yesdarlingido)

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  9. luana top + jewelry (x)

    photos by davy kesey

  10. luana top // brandy melville

    stylist // hannah rice

    photographer // davy kesey

    more: (x)

  11. popupcharleston:

    Reminiscing the Avi Jacob and Bonaparte show. Anyone need a tissue? 

    All Photos by Davy Kesey 

    If you live in Charleston and/or you dig the local music scene, you should check out popupcharleston.

  12. Manhattan under the sunset.

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  13. Coolest Land Rover.

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  14. Something is missing. Never forget.

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  15. Anonymous said: Instagram?

    There is a link to it on my blog! But it’s @davykesey.